Welcome to Glory in Ink Co., a Bible journaling company that aims to inspire and equip believers in their walk with God. We offer a wide range of digital bible journals, sermon notes journals, SOAP journals, and lined journals with inspirational messages on the covers.

Some of our digital bible journals come with prompts that guide you through each section of scripture, making it easy to stay organized and focused. Our sermon notes journals help you to take notes and record your thoughts during church services, while our SOAP journals help you to engage in the Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer method of Bible study.

In addition to our physical journals available on Amazon, we also offer digital journals on ETSY and our own website, Gloryinink.com. This allows you to choose the format that best suits your preferences and lifestyle.

At Glory in Ink Co., we are passionate about helping believers deepen their relationship with God. That’s why we offer spiritual tips, stories, and testimonies on our blog. Our blog is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about Bible journaling, find inspiration, and grow in their faith.

We believe that Bible journaling is a powerful tool for spiritual growth and reflection. Our journals are designed to help you engage with Scripture in a creative and meaningful way. Whether you’re a seasoned Bible journaler or just starting out, our journals are the perfect way to explore God’s Word and deepen your relationship with Him.

Thank you for choosing Glory in Ink Co. for your Bible journaling needs. We are excited to partner with you on your spiritual journey and can’t wait to see how God will use your journaling to transform your heart and mind.

Unleash your creativity, strengthen your faith, and give God glory in ink!

SDK – Founder of Glory In Ink Co.